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Jordan Peterson vs Susan Blackmore • Do we need God to make sense of life?

Jordan B Peterson debates the psychology of religious belief with atheist academic Susan Blackmore in the first episode of The Big Conversation. For more videos, updates and exclusive content sign…

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Unbelievable? The Conference 2016 - Discover Your Inner Evangelist

Book for Unbelievable? the Conference 2016 On Sat 2nd July 2016 Justin Brierley, host of the Unbelievable? radio faith debate show and podcast, will be joined…

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Steve Chalke and Ed Shaw // Is church silence failing gay Christians?

Steve Chalke of Oasis Trust explains why he believes evangelical churches need to start a conversation on changing their theology on homosexuality to avoid tragic consequences for young, gay…

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Dear Stephen, I Believe in Oscar Wilde’s God

Justin Brierley responds to the viral anti-God video by Stephen Fry. For discussions and resources on God, suffering and faith

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Unbelievable? God & Suffering debate // Vince Vitale & Julian Baggini

Christian philosopher Vince Vitale and atheist philosopher Julian Baggini join Justin Brierley to debate whether there could be reasons for God to allow suffering. See more debates at…

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