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Mike Pilavachi on gifts of the Spirit // The Profile

Original air-date: 28th January 2017 on Premier Christian Radio

From  Premier on October 3rd, 2017

‘Tomorrow still will linger’ // Naomi Aidoo on Gospel Drive

Reflecting on the realities of life and our daily need for God’s help, blogger, speaker and poet Naomi Aidoo performs on Gospel Drive. With music, guests and the big issues from the day's…

From  Premier on November 7th, 2016

Christian rapper struggled with his faith // ICIE on Gospel Drive

Talented rapper and lyricist ICIE speaks openly with Lady T, about how fellow rapper Jahaziel’s decision to walk away from the faith, affected him. With music, guests and the big issues from…

From  Premier on November 3rd, 2016

Rescuing my faith from social media // Kanayo Dike-Oduah on Gospel Drive

Author of the ‘Bible Challenges’, Kanayo Dike-Oduah speaks openly about the impact of social media on her faith, and the distractions of other modern technologies. With music, guests…

From  Premier on September 28th, 2016

Brian Draper // What is soulfulness? // The Profile

Brian Draper is a speak and author of Soulfulness : Deepening the Mindful Life. He also writes for Mindfulness is a popular concept. But Brian Draper believes people need to go deeper and…

From  Premier on June 13th, 2016

Modern Warfare // davecreates

New UK spoken word artist, David Abiona aka davecreates offers encouragement, in a sometimes dark and challenging world - we can put on the armour of God. With music, guests and the big issues from…

From  Premier Christian Media on May 13th, 2016

Gospel in a secular society // Michael Harvey // Inspirational Breakfast

Author Michael Harvey has written an article for Premier Christianity magazine called ‘The Twelve Nays of Christmas’. He spoke to John Panty about the shift in society, that has made it…

From  Premier on December 8th, 2015

Gerald Coates // How God Speaks // Inspirational Breakfast

Founder of Pioneer Network Gerald Coates spoke with John Pantry about the ways in which God speaks to us, specifically through prophecy. Kick start your day and join John Pantry and Lisa Mainwaring…

From  Premier on August 4th, 2015

Ekklesia // The Writer's Block with Karl Nova

Writer’s Block gives a platform to bloggers, journalists, hip hop artists, poets and any budding wordsmiths. On the show you get to hear three great performances from the guest of the week. We…

From  Premier on April 16th, 2015

'Thank You' // Spirit Led Worshipers (SLW) // Gospel Drive

Lady T is ready to get stuck into the music! She’ll be bringing you all sorts of afternoon treats to get you through the afternoon. From 'Gospel Track of the Week' to 'Talking…

From  Premier on April 8th, 2015

Evangelism & the Holy Spirit // Justin Welby // The Profile

The Archbishop of Canterbury shares a personal story – of how the Holy Spirit has been involved in his own evangelism.

From  Premier on March 6th, 2015

Spirit Led Worshipers (SLW) perform "Yahweh (God Alone)" // Gospel Drive

Worship group SLW perform their debut single Yaweh (God Alone)’ and talk about how to worship when you find it difficult live on Gospel Drive with LadyT

From  Premier on February 20th, 2015

Lou Fellingham // Discovering the Holy Spirit

Singer/Songwriter, Lou Fellingham, tells Premier's John Pantry about her faith journey and discovering the Holy Spirit.

From  Premier on January 12th, 2015

Stephen Baldwin // Making a Covenant with God

Former Hollywood bad boy turned evangelist, Stephen Baldwin talks about his conversations with God. Interviewed for The Profile, by Premier's Antony Aris-Osula, airing on Saturday 21st June at…

From  Premier on June 17th, 2014