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Modern Warfare // davecreates

New UK spoken word artist, David Abiona aka davecreates offers encouragement, in a sometimes dark and challenging world - we can put on the armour of God. With music, guests and the big issues from…

From  Premier Christian Media 3 Years ago

Steve Chalke and Ed Shaw // Is church silence failing gay Christians?

Steve Chalke of Oasis Trust explains why he believes evangelical churches need to start a conversation on changing their theology on homosexuality to avoid tragic consequences for young, gay…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

When Christian leaders fall into serious sin // Charlynne Boddie // Woman to Woman

Charlynne Boddie offers advice about how to safeguard the ministry as she chats to Maria Rodrigues about the role of accountability. Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

Close By

Their sin is written with a pen of iron … Provocative animation from Chris Powers.

From  Recommends 5 Years ago

Why is there Evil in the World?

Mark Spence, from Living Waters, addresses the problem of evil and the sin nature of man.

From  Recommends 6 Years ago

Is Sin God's Fault?

"Since God made me as I am, and I sin, isn't sin God's fault?". Mark Spence addresses this.

From  Recommends 6 Years ago

The Unforgivable Sin

What's more important - our words or our actions?

From  Recommends 6 Years ago

Sketch: Baggage

We all carry baggage... and there's only one way to deal with it.

From  Recommends 6 Years ago