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The greatest challenge to the UK Church // Steve Clifford on The Profile

Steve Clifford explains why the ongoing debates about human sexuality are in danger of distracting the Church from its core mission. To hear the full interview listen to Premier Christian Radio at…

From  Premier on March 23rd, 2017

Rock Journalist Embraces Chastity // Dawn Eden // Woman to Woman

American chastity speaker Dawn Eden is over in the UK and will be joining me live in studio. A key figure in the Catholic church in the States, she will explain why Pope John Paul II’s Theology…

From  Premier on May 28th, 2015

Bible Debate #4 // Steve Chalke & Andrew Wilson

Are same-sex relationships allowed? Justin Brierley hosts a series of debates between Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson covering subjects like atonement and homosexuality Interested in reading more…

From  Premier on March 14th, 2014