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Michele Guinness introduces her latest book: “Grace” // Inspirational Breakfast

Author Michele Guinness joins us on Inspirational Breakfast to talk about her latest book on the Guinness family tree – featuring a rich history in brewing, banking, politics and religious…

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Gunmen convert to Christianity // Suzanne Pillans // Woman to Woman

Missionary evangelist Suzanne Pillans shares how some armed activists wanted to kill her. Join Maria Rodrigues and guests as they bash out the issues that shape your life. Lifestyle, parenting,…

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Dr Paula Gooder // Women in the Bible

Paula Gooder, theologian for Bible Society, tells Premier's Justin Brierley how she sees women portrayed in the Bible. Hear more from Paula at Spring Harvest 2015. Join us for an in-depth…

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Dr Paula Gooder // Preaching or teaching

Dr Paula Gooder, theologian with Bible Society, tells Premier's Justin Brierley, how she sees the difference between preaching and teaching... and what you can expect to hear at Spring Harvest…

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Did Paul really forbid women to preach? // Dr Ian Robinson // Woman to Woman

Dr Ian Robinson shares why he believes Paul’s words about women remaining silent in churches has been misinterpreted. Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for…

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They Did Not Expect To Die That Day

Tony Miano preaches on campus, addressing the tragic death of two former students.

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Part 5: The Human Side of the Divine

I hope you can join Dr. Michael Youssef when he continues his enlightening series, Seven Awesome Statements from the Cross. An amazing look at the heart of God! You can reach Leading The Way when…

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Ask Steve - Help preaching

I'm a poor Preacher. Help!

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