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Engaging With Politics

How is the Bible relevant to politics? What does it say that makes politics your business? In this, our Politics Unpacked video series, we are looking at the reasons why, as Christians, we should…

From  Premier Christian Media on April 17th, 2015


The Show Up campaign encourages Christians in the UK to positively engage in politics this election year and beyond. We've seen MPs, Christian organisations and church networks all uniting…

From  Premier on February 5th, 2015

Tim Vine // Refining his act

Time Vine shares insights into his comedy act. Listen to The Profile every Saturday at 4pm on Premier Christian Radio The Profile, in association with Christianity and Premier Christian Radio

From  Premier on June 13th, 2014

Politics: Martyn Eden - Prisons

Martyn is the Political Editor for Premier Christian Media. To read Martyn's blog go to

From  Premier on November 16th, 2012