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Coping with an absent father // Zalika Awuku on Gospel Drive

Blogger Zalika Awuku spoke openly about the impact of being raised in a lone-parent home, on her self-esteem growing up. She joined Gospel Drive’s Lady T and Chinwag ladies Tamala Ceasar and…

From  Premier on September 28th, 2016

Modern Motherhood // Woman to Woman

Arianna Walker (biological mum from Mercy Ministries), Bekah Legg (step mum from Compassion UK) and Tania Bright (adoptive mum from LOVE 146) share something of the joys and challenges of motherhood…

From  Premier on March 11th, 2015

Honour each day

In a flash, the opportunity to honour my mother in the way I had hoped for, was gone.However, there will always be other ways I can still honour my mum, as God's mercies are new each day.

From  Recommends on August 14th, 2013