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Is your Church committing "missionary suicide"? // Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says don’t leave Evangelism to the professionals. He spoke to John and Rosie on Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Christian Radio. Kick start your day…

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Missionary Life // Jane Savvas // Woman to Woman

Surviving in the jungle, Jane Saavas shares some of her adventures. Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for today's Christian women. From the spiritual to serious and…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

Rolland Baker // Heidi's faith journey

Rolland Baker tells Premier how his wife Heidi came to faith in Christ and their missionary journey began. Rolland Baker is a missionary to the poor in Mozambique. Along with his wife Heidi, Roland…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

Stephen Baldwin // Finding faith

Former Hollywood bad boy turned evangelist, Stephen Baldwin talks about his journey towards finding faith. Interviewed for The Profile, by Premier's Antony Aris-Osula.

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Peter Kerridge & You

Daily Devotional for February 20th

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The Premier Interview with Mary Pytches

Christianity magazine's new columnist

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