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J.John – How a ten pound note demonstrates your value to God // The Profile

Evangelist J.John tells Justin Brierley how his story of a ten pound note has helped thousands of people realise their unchanging value in God’s eyes. Read the interview in full at…

From  Premier on February 25th, 2016

J.John LIVE in Birmingham

J.John speaking LIVE in Birmingham at Joyce Meyers conference.

From  Recommends on November 27th, 2013

Receive the Gift

Canon J.John shares a thought for the Christmas season.

From  Recommends on September 19th, 2013

He Is The One

J.John's remarkable monologue listing the many descriptions of God.

From  Recommends on August 30th, 2013

The $100 Dollar Bill

J.John uses the 'value of paper money' to illustrate our worth in God's eyes.

From  Recommends on July 22nd, 2013

The Little Kitten

J.John's humorous story of the kitten in the tree. Is prayer more than coincidence?

From  Recommends on June 24th, 2013

The Wheelbarrow

Why is a workman taking sawdust home in his wheelbarrow each evening? J.John explains in this entertaining illustration from the Hillsong Colour conference.

From  Recommends on May 13th, 2013

The Goose and the Cow Pat

Is bad news always what it seems? J.John provides a particular insight.

From  Recommends on April 5th, 2013

Easter Sonrise

J.John explains the cross of Jesus and how we should respond.

From  Recommends on March 13th, 2013

The Man with a Dog

A short story about an unusual canine by J.John

From  Recommends on February 4th, 2013

The Queen

J.John's views of the Queen's reign comparing monarchy with democracy

From  Recommends on January 16th, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped

J.John unwraps the true meaning of Christmas with his much loved style of storytelling and humour. Fresh, thoughtful and inspiring, this is a retelling of the Christmas story geared for the…

From  Recommends on December 26th, 2012


Have you ever had difficulties entering the UK? Here, J.John ponders some of his experiences as he approaches immigration at Heathrow Airport.

From  Recommends on November 26th, 2012


Smart Phones, tablets - a blessing or curse. J.John gives an insight to the good, the bad and the digital.

From  Recommends on November 12th, 2012

Interview: J John

Speaking at CRE 2009

From  Recommends on July 7th, 2011