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Michele Guinness introduces her latest book: “Grace” // Inspirational Breakfast

Author Michele Guinness joins us on Inspirational Breakfast to talk about her latest book on the Guinness family tree – featuring a rich history in brewing, banking, politics and religious…

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Abby Guinness and Michele Guinness // The Feminisation Of The Church

Abby Guinness discusses the feminisation of the Church with her guest, Michele Guinness, who also happens to be her mum. Abby is an actress, writer and event director for Spring Harvest. She was…

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Interview: Os Guinness

This summer Dr. Guinness will be speaking to groups in a number of Parliaments and, provisionally, at the United Nations during the General Assembly. His theme is that the status of Articles 18 and…

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Interview: Michele Guinness

Recorded at CRE 2009

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