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Brian Draper on why Christians should hold opposite ideas in tension // The Profile

Brian Draper is a speak and author of Soulfulness : Deepening the Mindful Life. He also writes for Here, he explains how a tragedy his classmates experienced at Bible college, changed his…

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Elaine Storkey explains how she overcame doubt about her faith // The Profile

Elaine Storkey is known for her lecturing, writing and broadcasting. is a philosopher, sociologist, theologian and a Christian feminist. In this clip she tells Premier Christianity journaliat, Sam…

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When God seems silent - Sheridan Voysey

Blogger and broadcaster, Sheridan Voysey, reveals how he responded when it seemed God wasn’t answering his prayers.

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Something to Say

An animation dealing with our doubts and crises of faith.

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Peter Kerridge & You

Daily Devotional for February 26th

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Ask Steve - Faith

I am a church leader having a crisis of faith.

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