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NT Wright: Why I reject the idea of an angry God

Tom Wright explains why the cross speaks primarily of God's love. Read Justin’s full interview with NT Wright at

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NT Wright - Christus victor vs penal substitution atonement

Tom Wright explains why we shouldn't separate Christus Victor and Penal Substitution views of the atonement from each other of the rest of the Gospels. Read Justin’s full interview with…

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NT Wright - What happened on the cross?

Jesus’ death on the cross wasn’t just to get believers to heaven. Renowned Bible Scholar Tom Wright tells Justin Brierley why he wrote his book “The Day The Revolution Began”…

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Good Friday // Be Still at Easter with Dr Micha Jazz

Let Dr Micha Jazz's weekday devotional - Be Still & Know on Premier Christian Radio - bring some Spirit-filled peace into your hectic schedule. Visit: Be Still and Know

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Good Friday // Eight Days of Easter

Premier's 'Eight Days of Easter.' A series of inspirational videos looking at the key events of passion week. Maria Rodrigues focuses in on the crucifixion. Today's reading is…

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Roma Downey // Snakes behind the scenes

THE BIBLE is an epic 10-hour mini-series coming to Channel 5 this December. Television’s highly-acclaimed producer, Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice), and his wife, Roma Downey…

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The Cup & The Crucifixion

A Spoken Word by Odd Thomas written for Trinity Church on Good Friday.

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Death Swallowed

Inspiring animation by Chris Powers on what Jesus did for us on the cross.

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Good Friday

A spoken word animation about Christ's last day, performed by Propaganda of Humble Beast. Amimation by Central Online Church.

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Easter Sonrise

J.John explains the cross of Jesus and how we should respond.

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I am Alive

Taking Jesus seriously and not putting him in a box.

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Death Swallowed

An evocative and challenging look at the death of Jesus on the cross.

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Part 4 "The One Thing God Can’t Look At"

Series: Seven Awesome Statements from the Cross. Jesus became SIN for you. That’s hard to understand, but Dr. Youssef explains this on his next message in the series Seven Awesome Statements…

From  Eugene Cozonac 7 Years ago

DEEP: Ultimate Sacrifice

Jesus ultimate sacrifice: His death on a cross

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