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Tim Stanley on Jacob Rees-Mogg, free speech and Catholic beliefs // The Profile

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Stanley explains his journey from faith to atheism and finally Catholicism. He also reveals what it’s like to appear on BBC One’s Question Time.

From  Premier on October 3rd, 2017

What is Novena? // Father David Gibbons // Inspirational Breakfast

Father David Gibbons is the Director of the Centre for Catholic Formation. On the Inspirational Breakfast Show, he gave us his clear definition for Novena and how you can get involved. Kick start…

From  Premier on May 18th, 2015

Postmodern Popes? // Thomas Creedy

The digital age isn’t just about data projectors and downloaded liturgy. How is the digital age transforming our experience and expectations of the worship life of the church and one of its key…

From  Premier Christian Media on November 21st, 2014